ISO and IATF16949 dual system certification, quality without worry

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Author : Titi
Update time : 2021-08-30 14:53:01
During the design and production of any product, there are often activities such as design changes, process changes, process adjustments, unscheduled line stoppages and production changeovers, line transfers, etc. So, how to ensure that these activities will not have an impact on the subsequent production quality? This requires first article inspection at the stage of job preparation verification and post production stop verification.

The first inspection in the production process is mainly to prevent the product from appearing in batches of super poor, rework, scrap, it is a means of pre-emptive control of the product production process, is an important method of product process quality control, is a proven and essential method to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency.
The first inspection is to detect the factors affecting product quality in the production process as early as possible and to prevent batch defects or scrap. The inspection can only enter into formal production after passing the inspection, mainly to prevent the occurrence of batch unqualified products.
The first piece inspection adopts the three-check system
Self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection
The products sent for inspection must first be "self-inspected" by the operator.
then by the team leader or colleagues for "mutual inspection", and
Finally, the inspector "special inspection" to determine the qualified before continuing to process subsequent products.
We have such an inspection department at Sumika
Supervision and inspection of each production process
Problems are corrected and solved in time
There is no end to improvement.
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